Below are a few of the profiles we offer

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We are often on the yard helping customers and may not answer your call right away.

Fiberglass and metal panels are offered in various profiles, including those shown on attached sketch.  We try to keep these profiles in stock, but please call us toll free at 800.332.0185 first to make sure they are available:

  • R Panel-  designed to match "most" pre-engineered building siding profiles, this 38" wide panel provides 36"(3')net coverage and is available for siding or in a high strength woven glass for roofing.
  • 2 1/2" corrugated - 2 1/2" panels are sold in most lumber yards in 26" widths.  Our panels are typically much heavier, last much longer, and may be available in other widths and lengths.
  • 4.2 corrugated-  originally designed to nest with "transite" cement asbestos panels, 4.2 panels have become very popular as stand alone siding and roofing for sheds, barns, and industrial buildings.  4.2 panels are typically gray, opaque (not light transmitting)and come in a 42" overall width with a net coverage of 37.8 (3.15'). 
  • Rib Profile- Rib panels offer a clean shadow line, a flat surface to flash to, and higher strength than corrugated.  Typical profiles are 7" rib (7" center high to center high) and 7.2 rib (7.2" center high to center high). Panel widths vary, with 39"overall, 36" (3') coverage beeing most popular.
  • Unusual- from time to time, we may have panels on hand designed to match a specific manufacturers profile.  If you have a project in mind, these panels may be the right choice. 

FREE Estimates:

Send us your sketch by fax at 803.536.4538.

After review, we will send you a reply showing what materials we have on hand that will cover your area.   Please note,  our panels must ship by motor freight on a wooden skid.  We do not mark up shipping, but do charge a crating charge for all orders shipped.

Please call for specific sizes, widths, and current stock levels.  All panels are sold on first come, first served basis.  No product is held unless previous customer or deposit paid.  Please contact us before ordering to make sure panels you need are still on hand.

We have panels available from $5 and up (plus shipping) ,  contact us for details. 


Flashing and Trim


Metal and fiberglass trim and flashing in stock

Amazing prices on stock metal flashing

many items below wholesale prices

Translucent ridge cap stocked in several lengths.

Translucent ridge cap is not designed for foot traffic.

It is light transmitting and water tight when properly installed.

Translucent ridge cap will also function with vent type closures.


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