Examples of typical self tapping (not self drilling) screws.

Self tapping screws require a pilot hole be drilled before the fastener is installed.

See our drill bit selection for proper sizes and bits available from stock.

Self drilling screws are designed to be used without a pilot hole.

Most manufacturers of fiberglass panels do not allow the use of self drilling fasteners with roofing under their published requirements.  

Please contact us if you are considering using self drilling fasteners.


#14 B point screw

#14 type B point,  also available in carbon steel, galvanized, and type 300/316 Stainless steel is used for attaching panels to heavy hot rolled steel structurals and some heavy cold rolled structurals.  Should not be used in light cold rolled structurals. Please contact us at 800 332 0185 for proper fastener selection before ordering.

wood_9 #14 type A point screw

#14 Type A point,  available in carbon steel, galvanized, and type 300 or 316 Stainless Steel. Used for attaching panels to wood, fiberglass, or light aluminum structurals. 

grommetbutton side lap fasteners

Grommets are used to attach fiberglass panel side laps and for attaching to light weight structurals.  Grommets only available in Stainless steel type 300/316.  Please ask about requirements before ordering.

  Also stocked are closure strips,closurestrips lap tape, sealents, and all other accessories necessary for a watertight roof or siding application. Flashing, gutter, and other accessories are also available as needed.

butyltape  selfdrilltek5


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